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Optimo Project : Old Tower Modification

Project Name:
Optimo Project
6 Of October
CHEMOPRAG s.r.o , For E/M Work Prof Dr Metwally Abu-Hamd , For St/St Work Prof Dr m. El-Zanaty , For St/St Work
Project Activity

• Steel Structure Works
• Stairs and Hand rails
• install of M.C.C Panels
• Supply &Install & Test and Connect with all accessories of Power Panel’s
• Supply and install of Electric Cable trays & Conduits works .and necessary fittings
• Supply and install Cables Networks & Wiring for power and control systems
• Supply and install Earthing system calculations and execution
• Supply and install Indoor and outdoor Lighting systems
• Supply and install of Sockets and Switches
• Supply & install and Test of Firefighting C/S Piping system included Valves & Sprinkler & Fire Extinguisher and Hose Rack Cabinet
• Supply and install of fire alarm system
• Supply & install and Test of Compressed Air and Hals ( St/St ) Piping system included Valves
• Supply & install and Test of CVC and Dust (C/S) Piping system included Valves
Supply & install and Test of Duct and Shuts (C/S) system

• Install all Process Equipment
Included all mechanical & Controls and electrical connections and testing and commissioning